We have identified that many of our customers are requesting an e-commerce addition to their traditional web site or just want a shopping cart that can be operated simply and efficiently from their home or office – without the need for a dedicated management team.

We offer the following features – but we tailor our package to reflect your personal requirements and budget….

  • Scalable size – from a small, “kitchen table” craft shop – to a large, retail store
  • From 3 to 3000+ products possible (host dependant)
  • Downloadable products system (music, films, software, etc…) available
  • Domain name (.co.uk) and standard hosting included
  • 24 hour e-mail support included
  • Reliable software – WooCommerce and WordPress, Magento, etc.

If you want to “get in on the act” of internet shopping to either start a new venture or increase your existing retail outlets sales ……

then please contact us to discuss your requirement or obtain a free quotation – with no obligation.

What is e-Commerce

The “e” stands for electronic and the commerce implies the selling of goods or services. The term is not a new one (Wikipedia claims online shopping was invented in 1979 by Michael Aldrich) ........ read more

The Advantages of e-Commerce

I’m going to start off with the more obvious benefits for your business in having an e-commerce store. Then we will progress to the more advanced, complex things you can do to boost your profits with e-commerce...... read more

Does e-Commerce make sense for your business?

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